Annular Preventors

Annular Preventors

Annular Using Spherical Packing Element

Annular Using Conical Packing Element

DTH Hammer

In DTH system, the hammer (piston) strikes directly on the bit, and no energy is lost through joins in the drill string

Drilling Instrumentation System(Electrical or Mechanical Multi-Parameter)

Electrical or Mechanical Multi-Parameter Drilling Instrumentation System Used to Acquire,Process,and Display Drilling Parameters: Hook Load WOB Rotary Table Speed/Torque Top Drive Speed/Torque Standpipe Pressure Mud Pump Speed Mud Return Flow Mud Pit Volume Height of Travelling Block Drilling Depth Ton-Mile ROP etc.

Oil&Gas Land Drilling Rig

Truck-Mounted Drilling Rig Skid-Mounted Drilling Rig Fast-moving Drilling Rig Cluster Drilling Rig Desert Drilling Rig Arctic Drilling Rig Mechanical Type or SCR/DC Type or VFD/AC Type Drawworks power from 450-3000HP Ambient Temperature:from -40℃~55℃  

Oil&Gas Drilling

Oil&Gas Drilling Equipments,Drilling Equipments Spare Parts, BOP, Safety Device, Camp+Drilling Tubular and Tools+Drilling&Workover Rig package+Oilfield Fluid Product


Water,Mining,Construction Drilling

Drilling Equipments,Tools and Spare Parts for Water,Mining,Engineering Application

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Artificial Lifting



Stimulation Equipments

Components and Spare Parts for Frac Pump,Cement Pump,Coil tubing,Nitrogen Generation Unit


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JUNHUA I&E Co.,LTD(JH) was launched from Dongying,China, as a supplier specializing in Oil&Gas industrial.Our businesses are comprised of Drilling Equipments,Drilling Tubular/Tools,Oilfield Fuild Material,Artificial Lifting Device, Stimulation Equipments,Chemical etc.