Flourescent Light for Drilling Rig

The LED light used on drilling rig are include: Explosion-proof Flourescent floodlights 400W Explosion-proof Flourescent Light 2×36W Emergency Explosion-proof Flourescent Light 2×36W Aviation Warning Light

Water Drilling Rig

Self Wheeled Moving Type Trailer Moving Type Crawler Moving Type Water Drilling Depth from 150 200 300 350 400 500 600 800 1000 1500 2000 3000meters

Drilling Jar

Drilling Jar, integral jar with both Up jarring and Down jarring function.

  • Mechnical Type
  • Hydraulic Mechanical Type
  • Hydraulic Type

Travelling Block or Travelling Block Hook

Travelling Block or  Integrated Travelling Block Hook Comply to API Spec.8C Travelling Block: Integrated Travelling Block Hook: There are models YG110 YG135 YG150 YG160 YG170 YG180 YG225 YG250 YG350 YG450

Annular Preventors

Annular Preventors

Annular Using Spherical Packing Element

Annular Using Conical Packing Element

Oil&Gas Drilling

Oil&Gas Drilling Equipments,Drilling Equipments Spare Parts, BOP, Safety Device, Camp+Drilling Tubular and Tools+Drilling&Workover Rig package+Oilfield Fluid Product


Water,Mining,Construction Drilling

Drilling Equipments,Tools and Spare Parts for Water,Mining,Engineering Application

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Artificial Lifting



Stimulation Equipments

Components and Spare Parts for Frac Pump,Cement Pump,Coil tubing,Nitrogen Generation Unit


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