About US

JUNHUA I&ECo.,LTD(JH) was launched from Dongying,China, as a supplier specializing in Oil&Gas industrial.Our businesses are comprised of

  • Drilling Equipments,Drilling Tubular and Tools,Oilfield Fuild Material
  • Artificial Lifting Device
  • Stimulation Equipments
  • Chemical
  • And Others

With experience of more than ten years with our customers oversea of Middle East,Asia,Africa and America,We know regional drilling equipment and chemical requirements well and are always available to our clients for 7/24hours service.

We’ll continue to  concentrate on working closely with our customers and partners for better and timely service.



Supply below items, including but not limited to:

Drilling equipment and spare parts

▷Mast/Subbase Dolly or Tyre 36.00-51,40.00-57,53/80-63
▷Workover Rig Tyre
▷Personel Allenvator
▷Matting Boards,Drill Floor Anti-slip mat
▷A/C device for drilling rigs(for camp,driller’s cabin,VFD/SCR room)
▷AC Drive Motor,DC Drive Motor
▷Rotary Device and spare parts:Rotary Table,Swivel,Top Drive and Motor/driven box/ other spare parts
▷Travelling System and Spare Parts:Drawworks,Crown Block,Travelling Block,Hook,Elevator Links,and sheave/bearing/clutches/brake/Drum/other spare parts
▷Wireline,Sling,Shackle,Sheave,Bearing:Drilling Line,Raising Line,Lifting Line,Winch Line,Sand Drum Line,Guy Line…
▷Cable:Power Cable,Control Cable,Instrument Cable
▷Lighting:LED light or Fluorecent Light,Tower Light
▷Gland,Distribution Boxes,Plugs and Sockets
▷Power System(Generators),VFD or SCR and Spare parts like breaker,starter
▷Instrumentation,Deadline Anchor,Rig Communication System(Telephone Unit)
▷High Pressure Manifold and Parts: Rotary Hose,Jumper Hose,Pipe,Valves,Unions
▷Mud pump and spare parts(Liner,Piston,Piston Rods,Piston Rod Clamps,Crosshead,Pulsation Dampeners,Rubber,relief valve,Gauge)
▷Hydraulic Cylinder: for Mast moving or for workover rig
▷Air Compressor and spare parts
▷Winch-Manride Winch,Drillfloor Pneumatic Winch,Catwalk Winch,Monkey Board Winch,,Survey Winch
▷Solid Control Equipment and Spare Parts:Lower pressure pipe fittings,Union,Elbow,Butterfly Valve,Shale Shaker,Desander,Desilter,Degasser,Centrifuge Pump,Centrifugal,Mixing Hopper,Agitator,Poorboy and their spare parts
▷Tank: Mud Tank and tank roof,Water Tank,Diesel Tank,Gasoline Tank,Sewage Tank

▷Safety Device:PPE,Gas Detection Device,Breath Equipment(include breathing air Cascade system),Escape Device,Fall Arrestor,Fire system device,Crown-O-Matic,CCTV etc.
▷Rig Mist Device
▷Building:Camp Skid House,Camp Trailer House,Generator Room,VFD Room,SCR Room
▷Steel Works:Pipe Rack,Mast Support Frame,Pipe Basket,Mouse Hole Pipe,Rat Hole Pipe,Suitcase,Flow Line,BOP Lifting Frame
▷Water Rig and Spare Parts
▷Workover Rig and Spare Parts
▷Extention parts,Rig moving device,Rig walking system for cluster drilling
▷Welding Equipment, High Pressure Washer,Cellar Pump,Bug Blower
▷Mud Lab Device(Analysis Device)

Well Control Equipments

▷Well Control Equipment and Spare Parts(Stripper,Rotray Head,Divertor,Annular BOP,Cameron or Shaffer type Ram BOP,Accumulator Unit,Choke/Kill Manifold or Valves,IBOP,BOP Test Pump,BOP Test Stump,Ring Gasket,Spacer,Spool,DSA)

Drilling Tubular and Tools

▷Drilling String(Drill Pipe,HWDP,Drill Collar,Sub )
▷Drilling String Tools(Stabilizer,Ream,Drilling Jar,IBOP,FOSV)
▷Drilling String Handling Tools(Elevator,Slip,Tong,Iron Rough Neck)
▷Fishing Tools and repair kits
▷Casing,Tubing,Completion Tools

Oilfield Fluid Material

(Drilling&Completion,Cementing,Fracturing&Acidizing,Pipeline,EOR,Water treatment)
▷Water based drilling fluid material:Bentonite,Xanthan Gum,CMC,PAC,PAM,PEG,Defoamer,Biocide,Sulfonated asphalt,Caustic soda,Salt Formate
▷Oil based drilling fluid material:Organic clay,Emulsifier

Artificial Lifting Equipments

▷ESP,ESP Cables


Stimulation Equipment and Spare Parts

▷Fracturing Pump Replacement parts:Fluid end,Valve Seat,Valve Body,High pressure Manifold,Plunger
▷Coil Tubing Unit,Coil Tubing,Coil Tubing Tools and spare parts
▷Plunger Pump Unit


▷MBS,modifying agent for improving plastic properties

▷Hyaluronic Acid