Hydraulic Power Unit

Hydraulic Power Unit for Drilling Rig as

  •  Drillfloor Tool HPU(Electrical Type)
  • Mast/Sub Hydraulic Raising HPU(Electrical Type)
  • Drawworks Disc Brake HPU(Electrical Type)
  • Diesel Driven Wheel HPU for Rig Moving Dolly(Diesel Driven Type)

Elevator Link

Comply t0 API Spec 8C

Length of the elevator can be provide as per requirement.


Comply to API 5CT API 5B Size Range:4.5″-20″ Wall thickness:5.21-20.22mm Grade: H J K N L C T P Connection Type:STC LTC BTC

Inside BOP(IBOP)

Inside BOP(IBOP)

 IBOP is used in the drill string to prevent the well from flowing uncontrollably up the drill string.

Need specify:

  • Working Pressure: 5,000 / 10,000 / 15,000 PSI
  • Tool connection size NC38 NC50 etc.

Sheave and Bearing for Drilling Rig

Forging Sheave for: Crown Block,Travelling Block, Derrick Hoist Blocks(Pully)  for:Under Crown Block Bearing for:Crown Block,Travelling Block,Rotary Table,Swivel,Drawworks,Mud Pump etc.

Oil&Gas Drilling

Oil&Gas Drilling Equipments,Drilling Equipments Spare Parts, BOP, Safety Device, Camp+Drilling Tubular and Tools+Drilling&Workover Rig package+Oilfield Fluid Product


Water,Mining,Construction Drilling

Drilling Equipments,Tools and Spare Parts for Water,Mining,Engineering Application

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Artificial Lifting



Stimulation Equipments

Components and Spare Parts for Frac Pump,Cement Pump,Coil tubing,Nitrogen Generation Unit


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