Solid Control Equipments and Spare Parts

Solid Control Equipments and Spare Parts Shale Shaker:Linear motion type,Elliptical motion type Desander Desilter Degasser Mud Cleaner Centrifuge Sand Pump: include Mixing Pump,Feeding Pump(For desander desilter degasser and centrifuge),Trip Pump Agitator:Horizon type or Vertical Type Mixing Hopper Shear Pump  

Spare parts of Top Drive

Spare parts as required for DC/AC/Hydraulic Top Drive of Chinese Manufacture or international brand.

Manual Tong

  • TypeB
  • Type SB
  • Type DB
  • Type SDD: similar to NOV HT-100 MANUAL TONGS
  • Type LF
  • Type C
  • Workover Tongs
  • Type WWC
  • Type WWB:Web Wilson Style Tongs
  • Type AAX: Web Wilson Style Tongs
  • Casing Tongs
  • Extended Casing Tongs

Air Compressor System

Provide Air System and spare parts for Drilling Rig including:

  • Rotary Screw Air Compressor:Sullair,Quincy,Atlas
  • Air Dryer:Sullair,Quincy,Atlas
  • Cold Start Compressor:Chinese Brand or Sullair
  • Air Filter
  • Air Receiver Tank:Chinese Brand, with or without ASME certification. Horizon type or Vertical Type Air Receiver tank

Oil&Gas Drilling

Oil&Gas Drilling Equipments,Drilling Equipments Spare Parts, BOP, Safety Device, Camp+Drilling Tubular and Tools+Drilling&Workover Rig package+Oilfield Fluid Product


Water,Mining,Construction Drilling

Drilling Equipments,Tools and Spare Parts for Water,Mining,Engineering Application

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Artificial Lifting



Stimulation Equipments

Components and Spare Parts for Frac Pump,Cement Pump,Coil tubing,Nitrogen Generation Unit


Welcome to JH Petrol !

JUNHUA I&E Co.,LTD(JH) was launched from Dongying,China, as a supplier specializing in Oil&Gas industrial.Our businesses are comprised of Drilling Equipments,Drilling Tubular/Tools,Oilfield Fuild Material,Artificial Lifting Device, Stimulation Equipments,Chemical etc.