Two-way Shock Absorber(Shock Sub)

Two-way Shock Absorber Connected with the drilling string close to the bit. It can absorb or reduce both transversal and longitudinal vibration of the drilling string in drilling operations. Permits use of optimum combination of drill pressure and drill speed, reduces the drilling cost and promotes the drilling efficiency.

High Air pressure DTH Hammer Bits

Customized Bits can be supplied as per request,

and various types of Hammer and Bits are interchangeable with kinds of  products

manufactured by Sandvik, Ingersoll-Rand, Atlas Copco etc.

Oil&Gas Drilling

Oil&Gas Drilling Equipments,Drilling Equipments Spare Parts, BOP, Safety Device, Camp+Drilling Tubular and Tools+Drilling&Workover Rig package+Oilfield Fluid Product


Water,Mining,Construction Drilling

Drilling Equipments,Tools and Spare Parts for Water,Mining,Engineering Application

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Artificial Lifting



Stimulation Equipments

Components and Spare Parts for Frac Pump,Cement Pump,Coil tubing,Nitrogen Generation Unit


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