Annular Preventors

Annular Preventors

Annular Using Spherical Packing Element

Annular Using Conical Packing Element



Annular Preventors

Working Condition Including:

-Seal any size of annular space with a kind of rubber if there is a drilling tool, tubing or casing in hole.
-When there is no drilling tool in hole, it can seal the wellhead completely.
-When the well blowout and overflow happens during drilling, coring or well logging, it can seal the annular spaces between Kelly, coring tools, cable, wireline and wellbore.
-Under the control of the hydraulic control system which is equipped with a depressuring pressure regulating valve or a cushion accumulator, it can force stripping with 18° tool joint.

Note  model with  mark, means this model exist,otherwise means not exist.

Annular Using Spherical Packing Element:

Annular Using Conical Packing Element: